Tt eSPORTS Dracco Chao Series Headphones - Funky Pink

Tt eSPORTS Dracco Chao Series Headphones - Funky Pink



Quick Overview

DRACCO headset series offers both vibrant and dynamic design languages amongst each headset, intuitively communicate to the user in languages of street, fashion, and e-Sports culture.

Multi-layer breathable fabrics on the headband offers both comfort and individual characteristics to the headset, relaxing you music-listening for few more hours

Velvet-storage bag to preserve your DRACCO Signature headset, ensuring the quality is continuously fresh and amazing each time you dress with it.

Exquisite hand-sewing texture on DRACCO series Funky Pink and Flare Yellow, providing an additional fun to your music.

Solid Tt-DRACCO structural design for your to adjust the most enjoyable angle when accessorizing a DRACCO Signature with passion.