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Most CPU’s include a stock air cooler. While this type of cooling is satisfactory for casual PC users. We recommend gamers and advance users to upgrade to aftermarket air coolers that provide higher cooling efficiency. These air coolers provide improved performance by using copper base plates and high-performance fans to spread heat through pipes


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Unleash the Kraken X62

This is the new NZXT Kraken X62 the successor to the popular and well received X61 that we took a look at back in May 2015. The Kraken X62 features a 280mm radiator that’s 30mm thick, while at the other end we find a 2,800 RPM pump. But the new feature here that’s grabbed our attention is the RGB and infinite mirror pump head; now that does sound interesting. Included with the Kraken X62 there are two new 140mm NZXT AER P fans. The X62 also supports the following CPU Sockets: Intel Socket 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3 & AMD Socket FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2.


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P400S The Perfect Value Silent Case

The Phanteks Eclipse P400S is aimed towards people who are looking at building their first PC in a simple yet beautiful ATX chassis. It includes a large side panel window, RGB capable LED lighting, a fan controller, and sound dampening material on both side panels, the top ventilation covers, and the front panel to keep the system running as quiet as possible. The Eclipse P400S comes with two 120mm fans; one pre-installed at the rear and the other pre-installed at the front. Water cooling is possible with support for a 240mm, 280mm, or a 360mm radiator at the front of the case. It comes in three color variants: Satin Black, Anthracite Grey and Glacier White. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we will be taking a look at the Eclipse P400S in Satin Black. Let’s run through a quick overview of what this case has to offer.


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3 Reasons You Should Build a PC with the NZXT S340 Elite

Ever since the NZXT S340 Elite was unveiled last month, builders have been wondering what makes this case different from the original design. It’s pretty easy to see the similarities between the two cases because the S340 Elite carries over a lot of the same features that are popular from the original NZXT S340 design. But if you’re wondering what the differences are, this blog post is for you!


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UBER PC is one of the leading retailers of gaming motherboards in Dubai

Here at UBER PC, we stock a wide range of high-performance motherboards that will help you to take your gaming experience to the next level.


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What to check before you buy your gaming graphics card

Here at UBER PC, you can find every kind of gaming graphics card to cater to all of our customers' needs, from basic models for casual use, right through to high-end cards for high FPS, high definition gaming to give you the advantage online.


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إرتفاع درجة حرارة المعالج هل هو خطر حقيقى؟

هل حرارة المعالج الخاص بى مرتفعة؟ هذا السؤال يقلق العديد من مستخدمى الحاسب وذلك لعدم ملاحظتهم بسهولة إرتفاع درجة الحرارة، فمن الممكن أن تجد حاسبك قد أغلق بشكل تلقائى، أيضاً من الممكن أن تلاحظ تجمد للجهاز، أو أن يبدأ جهازك بخفض أدائه المعتاد وذلك ستلاحظه أثناء أى لعبة تحتاج الى متطلبات عالية، ولحل هذه المشكله ما عليك إلا تثبيت برنامج HWMonitor وتشغيلة أثناء تشغيلك لأى لعبة وسيخبرك بدرجة الحرارة، أيضاً من الممكن تثبيت HWiNFO 64 من أجل معلومات أكثر عن درجات حرارة الجهاز، وخاصة المعالج.


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خطوات شراء البطاقة الرسومية

عند صدور الألعاب الجديدة تعلن عن متطلبات تشغيلها، وعندها تجد أن جهازك القديم غير قادر على التشغيل اللعبة أو الوصول للحد المعقول لتشغيل اللعبة بسلاسة، وهنا تعرف أنه حان وقت تحديث جهازك، ولكن يجب عليك الإختيار بعناية لتحصل على أفضل الخيارات التى تناسبك، وفيما يلى سنذكر بعض الخطوات التى تساعدك لإختيار بطاقتك الرسومية:


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