Silver Fortress PC




Quick Overview

The Ultimate WaterCooling Setup For You Overclocked, Optimised and Delivered With 3 Year Warranty and Windows 10 Trial Version!




COMPONENTSThe Below Specs are for the Recommended Build Only
CPU intel i7 Extreme 7700K
Motherboard Asus MAXIMUS IX CODE Z270
Graphic Card EK Watercooled Nvidia 1080tI GTX
RAM Geil EVO RGB X 16GB 2400MHZ DDR4 Dual Channel 
PSU Thermaltake RGB Digital Grand 750W GOLD
HDD 2tb Seagate Barracuda
CASE Aluminium Silver Fortress
SSD Samsung 850 evo m.2 512gb SSD
FANS Multiple High Performance Static and Air Pressure Fans
Inner Light LED Blue and RGB LED Strip lighting Combos with a Blue Theme
Operating System windows10 pro 64bit trial version

Latest 7th Kaby Lake Generation intel i7 Processor 7700k unlocked and ready to be unleashed. The custom EK watercooling included insures you get the maximum performance out of this phenominal processor.


Latest Generation i7 Processor deserves a motherboard that is up to job in unlocking its potential. The Asus MAXIMUS IX CODE Z270 we found to be one of the most stable and high performing boards available in the market. Led lighting and the general board features all enhance performance of your other components.





Graphics Card
EK Custom Watercooled 1080 NVidia 8GB Graphics card with the latest Pascal Architecture insures you get the rendering and image processing power you need to run any application with ease.


 Avexir is synomous with performance,quality and style. Memory does not have to be boring and with a lifetime warranty and patented Green/Blue Tesla plasma lightning tubes. 16GB 2666MHZ Avexir Raiden ensures your PC multitasking can keep up with any demands. 



Glowing Avexir SSD


Avexir Storage Solid State devices have a lifetime warranty and are the worlds first SSDs with Ambient lighting. The performance is also perfect for high demand applications and is one of our most popular products. We also added a 2TB Seagate Hard drive that will provide you with enough capacity to store large files.


Our machines are rated to go at least 30% faster than an ordinary system. Normal computers throttle or slow their performance when they get hot to prevent damage but with our custom ek cooling you never have to worry about performance again.

The Silver Fortress was designed because we wanted a PC that was light and would not overheat even with a higher than normal ambient temperature. So we chose one of the best aluminium cases in the market that provides strength and acts as a giant heatsink.
We also loved the fact you could see the waterflow through the graphics card because of the parrallel orientation of the case. The disadvantage being that you will spend most of your time watching the case and not focusing on your work. Building this machine was
an absolute pleasure and the fact the orientation of the case makes it ideal for those looking for convenience and form as well as function.

Run multiple programs at once,play,stream,surf,work and never worry about load times, performance or stability. We have carefully selected the latest components that offer the best overall performance and value. The components selected are rated according
to their overclockability, stability, warranty, features and price. We don't automatically choose the most expensive products but the ones that provide the best overall useable performance. We also consider the price so we save your money and only use it in
the components that will actually give you a performance increase and not useless features or gimmicks.

You have never had a PC until you have UBER PC.