ROCCAT Pyra Wired



Quick Overview

Small and powerful – the ROCCAT Pyra Mobile Gaming Mouse offers everything you’d typically expect from an ingenious gaming mouse in a compact design. Along with a polling rate of 1000Hz and an adjustable resolution of 400dpi to 1600dpi, the Pyra packs a punch as it’s so incredibly simple and comfortable to use.



World first: The Pyra is the first product to feature the innovative Easy-Shift[+] button, which doubles the number of mouse functions.

    The ROCCAT Pyra can easily take on fully-fledged mice in terms of its precision and number of functions. What’s more, a polling rate of 1000Hz delivers smooth, lag-free transmission of mouse movements with even really quick movements with an acceleration of up to 30G being processed quickly and precisely. At the same time, the Pyra’s maximum speed of 130ips puts it in the same league as high-end mice.
    Along with the standard functions of a 5-button mouse, the ROCCAT Pyra offers a unique feature that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet: Easy-Shift[+]. Thanks to Easy-Shift[+], all the buttons – including the mousewheel – can be assigned two functions such as macros or other functions. As a result, you now have 12 functions available at any one time instead of the usual 6.
    You can configure your shortcuts including macros, DPI settings, and the sensor sensitivity level, etc., and save them to any one of 5 profiles – allowing you to customize your mouse to suit individual games. You can associate each profile with a particular application so the right shortcuts and DPI setting, etc., are automatically loaded when you launch the game. If you set one of the profiles to be the Windows profile, the Pyra will automatically switch to this profile when you return to Windows. Additional profiles can be saved on your hard drive whenever you want, and then loaded to any one of the 5 profile slots using the driver menu.
    Like previous ROCCAT products, the ROCCAT Pyra also comes with the easy-to-use, prize-winning Macro Manager. You can use it to assign individual, complex command sequences to the macro buttons, which can then be executed at the press of a single button – giving you a huge gaming advantage! In Advanced Mode, the easy-to-use Macro Manager even offers you the chance to edit command sequences or program in simultaneous command sequences and millisecond-precise delays, just like a pro.
    Its compact design makes the Pyra ideal for notebook gamers, and indeed any gamer who prefers mobile mice. The V-shape, with its raised ridge on the top of the mouse which is designed to fit the palm of the hand, means the mouse isn’t just comfortable – it also makes it perfect for lefties and righties alike. Weighing in at just 90g, the Pyra stays comfortable even after hours of gaming. What’s more, it comes with a practical case and fits easily into any notebook bag.
    Just like the ROCCAT Kova Pure Performance Gaming Mouse, the Pyra features ROCCAT Griptech solid rubber side grips which means you’ll always be able to respond quickly, confidently and with pin-point precision even in tense gaming situations. The wide, distinctively notched mousewheel is also rubberized making it really grippy – and the rest of the mouse shell nestles smoothly and comfortably in the hand.