ROCCAT Nyth - Modular MMO Gaming Mouse , Black



Quick Overview

  • 12000DPI TWIN-TECH LASER SENSOR R1 - new generation: adjustable in 1dpi increments
  • CUSTOM BUTTON LAYOUT - modular design for thumb area
  • 2 x HOTSWAPPABLE SIDEGRIPS - suits palm and claw grip styles perfectly
  • ROCCAT™ SWARM - integrated next-gen driver system
  • SOLID CARRY CASE - for 33 × buttons and sidegrip
  • 18 BUTTONS + 39 FUNCTIONS - with ROCCATTM Easy-Shift[+]™ technology
  • TALK® FX + ALIENFX™ ILLUMINATION - lighting effects for your favorite games
  • MID-FINGER FIN SWITCH - for lightning-fast and instinctive control
  • 3D PRINTING SUPPORT - design your parts or download via library


Nyth meets the demands of MMO play with deep button modularity that fluidly transitions into a MOBA or FPS master tool with ease. Its near boundless customization extends its use far past the competition. No matter the genre or taste, its 3D printed catalogue of side-parts and buttons joined with an expertly engineered foundation combine to make a revolutionary device that serves the imagination, creativity and high standards of gamers today.

 Key Feature:

  • Modular Thumb Zone

The Nyth features an evolutionary modular thumb zone where you can individually place up to 12 high quality, tactile mechanical buttons. This custom button area sets a new standard in modularity; completely flexible, it allows you to configure single and double buttons easily in a vast array of combinations to suit your gaming needs. Out of the box, the Nyth’s buttons can be arranged in 18,369 different layouts.

  • Hot-swappable Sidegrips

All gamers are united by a common love for gaming, but a gamer’s style is truly unique. To further reflect the individuality of the modern gamer, Nyth features super ergonomic hot-swappable sidegrips. No matter whether your gaming style is chilled out palm grip or action packed claw grip – or both depending on the game – you can mix it up on the fly. Adding these hot-swappable grips to the modular buttons, the Nyth’s hardware can be laid out in 36,738 ways.

  • Improved EASY-SHIFT[+] Functionality

EASY-SHIFT[+] lets you assign a secondary function to each of the mouse’s 18 plugged-in buttons. This can be activated once the Easy-Shift[+] button is held down, arming you with a total of 39 functions. On the Nyth, this is a dedicated button conveniently located beneath the traditional side buttons. The power of Easy-Shift[+], coupled with the Nyth’s deep modularity, brings the total number of hardware/software layout and function combos up to a staggering 1024 – one sextillion.

  • ROCCAT Swarm

Swarm is the software incarnation of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy. It’ll cover you for all relevant gaming platforms and devices. It’s the next-gen system that keeps on top all games, apps and ROCCAT products in one place. Computer side it’s a veritable gaming command HQ, smartphone side it’s a convenient app for an extension of the computer software. Full control at your fingertips.

  • Button & Sidegrips Carry Case

1024 is a higher number than there are atoms in a gram of mass, meaning there are more possible Nyth combos than there are atoms in the mouse. Nyth’s customization possibilities simply know no bounds. 1024 isn’t enough? No problem – this is just the start. The Nyth features 3D print support, meaning you can design and download your own parts for a never before seen level of customization – making your Nyth truly unique to you. The included solid-build carry case will keep your unused sidegrips and buttons safe and ready for use.