ROCCAT Kone Pure ROC-11-700 Black 7 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Laser Core Performance Gaming Mouse



Quick Overview

The Kone Pure delivers all the muscle and glory you’d expect from the Kone pedigree all packed into a new, slimmer profile that’s 91% the size of the Kone[+]. COMMAND WITH TOP PRECISION The 8200dpi Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor in the Kone Pure offers superb tracking, transmitting even the fastest mouse movements with no lag for incredible precision that delivers amazing gaming control. And thanks to the integrated Tracking and Distance Control Unit (TDCU), you can adjust the sensor precisely to your mouse pad, further improving tracking and minimizing pick-up-flight and further skyrocketing your command capabilities.



ENJOY AN ARMADA OF POWERFUL FEATURES INSTANTLY The Kone Pure runs on a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor that delivers lightning-fast computing speed which means you can take advantage of its plethora of custom gaming functions with absolutely no delay. CLICK WITH KILLER PRECISION Our ROCCAT Scientists built the Kone Pure with ROCCAT Click Master switch tech powered by Omron©. Constructed with the world’s most advanced switch components, Click Master technology ensures that every button press registers with extreme precision. Every click also delivers pronounced feedback, letting you feel your way to successful gaming. And because of its premium materials and rugged construction, ROCCAT Click Master tech delivers the longest life of hardcore gaming, click after click. STORE A BOUNTY OF MACROS AND SETTINGS Packed with a hefty 576KB of on-board memory, the Kone Pure has plenty of room to store all of your macros and profiles. And because it’s packed with a blazing 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor, you can call up any of your custom settings instantaneously. With seven fully-programmable buttons and a tough-built 2D mouse wheel, the Kone Pure offers the optimal amount of combat control in a clean, uncluttered space giving you swift access to all the command options you need to dominate any skirmish.
From the Manufacturer
Pro-Aim Gaming Sensor

ROCCAT Kone's precise Pro-Aim Gaming Sensor effectively reduces Pick-Up-Flight. It is accompanied by a high-end 6.4 megapixel sensor measuring with 7080 frames per second, loss-free up to an acceleration of 20G. 1ms response time, 1000Hz polling rate and the adjustable resolution up to real 3200dpi give you the competitive edge to improve your aiming skills.

Tracking Control Unit

Every mouse pad is different. The laser of a standard gaming mouse is calibrated to an average for satisfactory results on most mousepads. Thats why the Kone is provided with the Tracking Control Unit. It is the first and only mouse to analyze the mouse pad and calibrate the laser power exactly to the surface.

Save CPU Power

The internal TurboCore Unit is the powerful heart of this tool. All mouse calculations are being processed internally, enabling you to add timing information on macros and saving vital CPU power for game processing tasks.

Create Unlimited Profiles

128kB of internal memory allows you to save up to five game profiles containing macros for your game characters and individual settings directly on the mouse. You can use any of these profiles without driver. Create unlimited profiles with ultra-long macro sequences and parallel key commands for each mouse button using the Macro Manager and save them on your HDD.

Ergonomic Shape

The special right handed hybrid shape of the Kone is equally suitable for claw or palm grip. The rubberized top and side surfaces provide maximum grip even in the heat of the final game.

Customizable Light System

Fully customize the look of the Kone the way you want. The light system comprises five LEDs which are capable of displaying the full spectrum of colors. You can independently change the color of any LED and activate special light effects, or simply turn off the lights.

Customizable Weight

Weighing just 118g (133g with cable), this mouse is an ultra-lightweight precision instrument. If you prefer a heavier mouse, choose between four different weights (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g) from the FastClip weight kit. Simply clip the weight into the dedicated slot. Only one press of a button releases the weight again. Thats it. No complicated processes involving unplugging and opening the mouse. Just two clicks and you're done.