ROCCAT Kave Solid 5.1 Gaming Headset



Quick Overview

Real 5.1 surround Sound
Solid Aluminimum Hinges
Dual Sound Profile
Microphone with mute Led
Comfortable Earcups



ROCCAT Kave 5.1 - Solid 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

A Desert Eagle isn't worth its fancy name, if you don't know where to aim. Imagine your advantage within the heat of the battle when you exactly hear where your opponents are before you can actually see them. Knowing the position of your enemy is half the frag. Realistic 3D surround sound makes you locate your opponents easily by the noise they generate. The desktop control enables you to adjust to situations quickly with sound and microphone mute buttons and volume control for different channels.

  • Real 5.1 Surround Sound
    – With speakers aligned at a 12-degree angle
  • Microphone with Mute LED
    – Fully rotating and completely removable
  • Tip n' Control Desktop Remote
    – For central management of all volume functions
  • Dual Sound-Profile
    – With movie and game settings
  • Solid Aluminium Hinges
    – Enabling heavy duty use
  • Especially Comfortable Earcups
    – Featuring external noise canceling, hand-sewn
  • Adjustable Vibration Unit
    – For a realistic gaming experience
  • Headband with Three Pads
    – For equal weight distribution
  • Easy to Carry
    – Folding and compact design


Accurate Location

Do you enjoy playing first person shooters with headphones? Then sure enough you have asked yourself this very question before. But you won't have to, ever again .

Imagine a headset, not with simulated, but with very real 40mm speakers plus an additional vibration unit, arranged at a 12° angle, embedded into each earcup. A true advantage, because no matter which game you play, opponents coming from behind and from the side you can find in almost any game.

With ROCCAT You Always Stay in Control

That also goes for the ROCCAT Kave. With the Tip'n'Control Desktop Remote, you receive a tool with extraordinary functions. Designed for maximized comfort and functionality, it can be placed firmly on your desktop. Beside the over-all volume, you can separately control the center, front and rear volume as well as the bass. You can even switch between the sound-profiles.

Thanks to the microphone with mute LED, the times of accidentally giving away information are over. Due to the illumination on the micro itself, you can tell whether the micro is muted. Easy as never before. Furthermore, you can switch between the sound-profiles. You can choose between game and movie sound.

Great attention has been paid to convenience while wearing the Kave. The headband contains three separately bedded pads, which guarantee an equal weight distribution. The generous earcups are hand-sewn and especially comfortable, featuring external noise canceling. The folding Kave is compact, safe, and easy to carry.