About Us

Performance Crafting is our Passion!

UBER PC has grown to become the largest component distributor in the Gulf and middle-east region. We have built up a large portfolio of brands by focusing on service, quality and product expertise.

Our brands are carefully selected based on uniqueness, quality and popularity we are technical enthusiast, gamers and Professional Technology fans this has been the main reason why our customers keep coming back.

The UBER PC website is the next step in our plan to draw on our years of expertise to bring you the best products, assembly and the latest trends in technology directly to your Home or Office.

UBER PC specialize in designing and building the best performing PCs currently available anywhere. UBER PC focus on performance and using only the latest technology. Our UBER PCs with custom complex watercooling design and our unique crafting techniques have become synonymous with performance. Allowing for uninterrupted silent, stable top benchmarks out of our machines even running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

UBER PCs come with 3 years warranty as standard, ready to be pushed to the max.

UBER PC also optimizes your setup to get the most out of your system. Whether you are a Large Company or a Hardcore Gamer there is only One Choice when it comes to PCs.


UBER PC, as the best custom PC builder in the middle east, offers the best performance by delivering the latest technologies as soon as they become available. As a partner with many vendors such as INTEL, NVIDIA, NZXT, Thermaltake, Phantiks, Avexir and EKWB, we are committed to providing you with, advanced performance and reliability in every UBER PC system.

UBER PC systems are powered by the best processors, graphic cards, and memory capabilities to maximize your productivity and enjoyment.

UBER PC systems feature no proprietary components in a fully upgradeable features, this allows you to upgrade to future technology easily and extend the life of your system.